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"Official Geek Constitution" by Phoenix

This spawned from a post my friend made asking why someone would be looking for a “Fake geek” to date. After some back and forth I came up with this lovely satirical list. Enjoy and if you think there is something that should be on the list, but isn’t, put it in the notes or send me a message.


Justice for Quinten

Sometimes in what we consider the darkest places we can find a light shining through. We always look at the internet and assume the worst, unfortunately we are rarely far off most of the time.

Sometimes though the humanity we are truly capable of breaks through and we are able to embrace it, even for just a little while. Those moments in life when you get to see how much you are part of the whole and how much the whole is part of you. You get to see what it’s like when everyone stands together and says “We can and will be better.” And every once in a while I get to see us be better.

Keep believing, Stardust.

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