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Justice for Quinten

Sometimes in what we consider the darkest places we can find a light shining through. We always look at the internet and assume the worst, unfortunately we are rarely far off most of the time.

Sometimes though the humanity we are truly capable of breaks through and we are able to embrace it, even for just a little while. Those moments in life when you get to see how much you are part of the whole and how much the whole is part of you. You get to see what it’s like when everyone stands together and says “We can and will be better.” And every once in a while I get to see us be better.

Keep believing, Stardust.


Anonymous asked:

what's with the ball pit thing? I hate not getting things but I must have missed something big



Okay anon, let me stop giggling for a little bit and explain to you what happened.

"DashCon 2014": Was supposed to be a large con of mostly Tumblr users with a 65$ entry fee. They were going to host it in a Hotel in Schaumburg, IL. It looked like a fairly legit con to most users and promised to have Steam Powered Giraffe and Welcome to Night Vale show up for entertainment and panels. Steam Punk Giraffe canceled it’s trip to Dashcon months ago but the Con never told the people who already invested money into it, especially the people who paid extra for reserved seating. Welcome to Night Vale didn’t show up because they didn’t get their payment for the trip and thus didn’t go. Dashcon “apparently” got a call from the hotel telling them that the room they reserved would cost $17,000 and didn’t receive their payment. Dashcon then rallied up it’s participants for a fundraiser in 2 days to raise that money.

Well…They did. Where that money is now, no one knows. People showed up to a very empty room with no vendors. Someone bought a ball pit and rented a bounce house for the con and the people who reserved seats for the panels got an extra hour in the ball pit.


I am fucking dying.  That picture is my new “pick-me-up.”




You live among the shadows,
gaze into the dark chasms between worlds.
You bare this burden so that others will not have to,
because you are one of the few that can.
You are Horadrim, and your legacy
is not defined by riches or fame,
but the very survival of mankind.
Jered Cain
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